All images available in 12"x18"
poster size for $45. Unmounted.
Includes tax and shipping.
Stonehenge poster is 22"x27" is
Free with every order
Free Stonehenge poster with order
From top left to right: Jim Morrison
tombstone in Paris, Sailboat off coast of
Key West, Quetzal Bird in Costa Rica,
Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Gates in
Japan, Stonehenge in England, ditto,
Milford Sound in New Zealand, Masts in
Auckland, New Zealand, Driftwood on
beach in South Island, New Zealand on
Tasman Sea, Beach on Tasman Sea,
Oscar Wilde tomb in Paris.
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All photos are original prints by Arthur
Krasinsky and are not mass produced
except for FREE Stonehenge poster
which was on display at International
Center of Photography in NYC.
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